Thursday, April 29, 2004

Sounds Cool!!

And now another technological innovation! something called "thermoacoustics" promises to change the way we refrigerate. Penn State, working with Unilever, has developed this technology which uses Helium and soundwaves to generate refrigeration. No harmful chemicals like CFCs. just plain old innocuous Helium that escapes into space even if there's a leakage. There's an ice cream company called Ben & Jerry's which is using (or going to use?) this system for keeping its ice creams forzen.

jitna mujhe chamka hai, it somehow separates the heat collection in expansion and compression phases of a sound wave's cycle. So, during the compression phase, the heat is released and during the expansion phase, when the gas is cooling down, the system is connected to whatever needs to be cooled. Wonder how do they do it so fast though... or is the frequency of the sound too low? i dont know.. havent read the article completely myself. You can figure it out yourself by going to this link.

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