Friday, April 30, 2004

lukkha in lab.....

finally decided to take a break from whatever little I am used to working in my lab.. so, aaj lab mein lukkha-day manaate hue... currently on a movie-trailer watching, spam sending, india-top-20-songs listening spree...

created a yahoogroup called "urlukkhas" today for those bechara souls who are always caned for their tendency to send not-quite-useful mails to our already existing "ur_indians" group.. and suddenly the spam has increased manyfold on the original group... amazing what a little competition can do!! :)

Also, just saw latest trailer of "The Village" and the trailer of "The Terminal".. both are looking good.. Though I am sort of getting bored by the unchanging look/mood of Shyamalan's movies.. I still have to see "Signs" and "The Village" gives you are "Signs" feel yet again.. Though obviously if it is good I wouldnt mind even a bit of deja-vu. As for "The Terminal" it would probably be a nicely made comedy a la "Catch me if you can". In any case, I think Spielberg is incapable of making more than one uninteresting movie within a 10 year span (and its not yet 10 years since "AI" released).

by the way, speaking of lukkhagiri wouldn't it be nice to work close to this place so that jab bhi lukkhagiri karne ka man kare aaraam se ki jaa sake.. :P

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