Wednesday, February 28, 2007

Oscars delay

Oscar awards (and HP book releases) have been the highlight of my blog-year since the beginning of this blog with nomination predictions, nomination themselves, award predictions and the award night all having multiple posts related to them. This year was different. First, I still have to catch up on my 2006 must-watch list, which means that I havent yet seen at least some of the major awardees. But the major reason for not having even a "I'm happy Scorsese finally won" post is that I was in a conference for last one week. There was a serious danger of me missing the awards completely, but I managed to catch most of the ceremony live.

Anyway, back in Rochester (from balmy, beautiful and busy St. Simons Island, GA) and the oscar post will come soon. It won't probably be as elaborate as I'd have liked, but it will be there.


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