Friday, June 11, 2004

mujhe bhi india jaana hai!!!! :((

All my friends are going back to des. Not me though. :( Its been two years almost and the smell of des ki mitti is still far away. I can't go this summer as I have my qualifier in August. And I don't think I should go in december as I'd have just started work in my new lab. It would be extremely difficult to gather enough courage to ask my new advisor about it. Lets see... Speaking of India, speculations are rife that my housemate might very well be engaged - if not married - by the time he comes back from India. That would mean I might have to look for a new house and housemate very soon. :( On the other hand, it would most likely also mean more accessible good homemade food cooked by Mrs ex-housemate!! :))

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