Monday, March 15, 2004

three major things happened this weekend. India played an incredible match against Pakistan and Yuva/Ayidha Ezhuthu's music released... and Vivek cleared civil services' mains!! :))

First about the match. As I said, it was incredible. Incredible in the sense that almost 700 runs were scored in a ODI!! a decade ago this would've been unthinkable. In fact, in all fairness, this was unthinkable even three days ago. But going by the recent trend of extremely high scores being chased down with relative ease, it probably should've been expected. It had to happen, though probably not as soon as it did. Pitches are getting flatter than ever. Bowling all over the world is probably at its worst ever. And batsmen are scoring more heavily (and faster) by the day (either just because of the flatter wickets/bad bowling or maybe factors intrinsic to batsmen like improved fitness, more aggressive attitude etc). Its getting ridiculous even. I mean how many of us actually enjoyed this match in its entirety? Maybe just the last 10 overs. But then any match where the chasing team comes withing 5 runs of the target will have exciting last half an hour or so. The target itself is irrelevant for that. I would choose a match in England or New Zealand over such matches anyday (ok, maybe not on the sort of pitches that NZ dished out the last time we toured there.. but more typical pitches there). Its started to become a lottery now. The only thing that seems to matter is which team has more sloggers in the line up and which team's sloggers end up connecting more that the other. That said, it was a delight to watch Dravid play in this match as it has been for last 2 years or so. He came out and suddenly the quality of shots increased manyfold. Not to say that Sehwag wasn't playing exciting cricket but a silken cover drive is always preferable over a bludgeoned slap over the bowlers head. (maybe because its more likely to be reproducible against better bowling and on better pitches).

Sachin is still playing ugly. Its a pity to see him go after the bowling and missing as many as he did. Though, its amazing how he is able to maintain a great average even when he isn't quite at his best. Its his genius that allows him to do that. He might win a MoS playing the way he did yesterday, but I wont be happy. I am praying to see him get his touch back.

As for Ayidha Ezhuthu, its music was supposed to release today (March 15), and I woke up to find that the songs as already online. Though I am yet to find the hindi version online, but I guess it doesnt matter that much. listening to the songs now. They sound "arbit". very different, and hence interesting. But I am not sure different means interesting for the masses too. More so in hindi than in Tamil. I am not very sure that Yuva's music is going to do too well. definitely not as well as Dil Se. But, as always, this is just a first hearing impression. And in Rahman's case that doesnt mean anything. already one of the songs has started the secong time and I am liking it 10 times more than the first time!!! :) I guess I spoke too soon.. :) Hey Goodbye Nanba!!!! :)

Now comes the biggest news! Apne Vivek Kumar "jaanu" ab Vivek Kumar "jaanu" IAS banne waale hain.. bas interview bacha hai.. :)) abhi tak congrats bhi kar paaya kyounki mila naheen vo.. :) Congrats Vivek!!! :) TREAT!!!! :))) aur interview ke liye ATB... :)

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