Thursday, January 29, 2004

listening to meenaxi's two songs in between my experiments. "Badan dhuaaN dhuaaN" and "Ye rishtaa kyaa kehlaataa hai". And first hearing itself is enough to say that these are superb songs! this actually is scary in a sense, because most of the time Rahman's songs dont impress in first hearing and grow slowly. I remember some songs that I liked from the first hearing but they aren't the ones that remain with you some years later. Anyway, lets see.. as of now "dhuaaN dhuaaN" is sounding REALLY good. in fact reminds one of "Rang De" but maybe thats only because of Asha Bhosle and the genre of the song. Sivamani has done great work in the song. The mood of the song remains consistently upbeat because of his beats. thats the first impression anyway, I know I'll have many different things to say in a few days time. Specially because these arent really good quality mp3s. just 56kbps :( I hope Sony makes the CDs available in US asap.

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